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Welcome to the official site of the British Eurovision song protest.

Oh Bonnie! We must do better in 2014! Send us your songs! Help us find a song by the people, for the people, to represent the people!


Is this our last chance to save the dignity of Great Britain?
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We strongly support Eurovision BUT we are fed up coming nowhere! We have talent in our great country - but its never given a chance. Until now. Enough is enough. This is your opportunity to make up for our past failures. If we do badly again, we, the people, demand the chance to restore British musical pride. The authorities will listen - to the music of the people, for the people, by the people. Power to music, people!

Be Warned. If we fail again, protests will be organised across our great land to find new original musical talent, wherever and whatever it is to be seen nationwide on TV. You, the public will choose - not those accountant soundalikes, Stock Aitken and Waterman. Let the Great British Public and they alone decide who shall carry our hopes. NO MORE NUL POINTS!

We will restore Britain's dignity. We will be a nation, proud and strong once again. There will be NO MORE NUL POINTS!


What we'll be looking for:

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Send us your song now. We want your music to change Great Britain's Eurovision fortunes. Send us a link to your music, any style you like. All entries will be listed on this site - and the public will proclaim the best - and we will demand that the BBC listen.

Do Great Britain a favour, and get in touch with your music. Remember it must be


Remember - this is revolution! We are not affiliated or connected to any music label or to Eurovision. We are people like you who believe in creating opportunities for Britains talent - so lets make history! As Marx would have said "Eurovision would inevitably produce internal tensions which would lead to its destruction". So lets give power back to the people. Lets unite the forces of music production and talent. NO MORE NUL POINTS!